Finding a little balance as a WAHM

Traci Dollens
2 min readNov 3, 2020

I was thrown into the work at home mom role when I found out I was pregnant with my second child, not long after my first was born. Mothering is hard, period. No matter if you “work” outside the home or at home. Here are some ways that have helped me so far as a WAHM or even SAHM.

  1. Build a command center

Find a section of wall in your home that you can make a “command center”. There are a ton of examples on Pinterest and other platforms to find inspiration. If you don’t have the room for all of that then buy some chalkboard paint and make yourself a to- do list that you see ALL DAY LONG. We have this odd wall in our house that we painted. Important stuff on top and then my kids get to play with chalk on the bottom half. Personally, I need that constant reminder of what I need to accomplish that day.

2. List Overload

Don’t over load that to- do list. Make these “selected chores” practical. If you are listing 10 things to accomplish and you have 2 kids under 2 plus working from home, then honey you need to scale back. Stick to 3–5 high priorities. You don’t have to be a super hero mom everyday. Most of the time we are all just trying to get through to the next day anyways.

3. Set Schedule

Have a set cleaning schedule. This will set you up for success. Having a predictable cleaning schedule helps with time management. If you already know what needs to be cleaned that day then you aren’t running around like a crazy woman cleaning whatever in the house that looks dirty.

Above all, give yourself grace. Don’t forget your little ones need their momma too!